Household Disinfecting Set:

  • 2 bottles of Disinfecting Solution 1Liter
  • A Disinfecting Diffuser(Large)


Eliminates 99.999% within 30 seconds of viruses, bacteria, fungi and
yeast including Coronavirus ,H7N9, H5N1, MRSA, Straph and Strep, S.
Aures and E. Coli.
Neutralises odors and increases air freshness without the use of scents.
No special mixing, dilution or activators are required, No need to rinse –
 may be allowed air dry on hard surfaces - leaves no harmful residue
behind. Safe as Water.


Keeps your family safe by helping to reduce exposure to air-borne infectious organisms that causes diseases such as URT infections, allergies and throat infections. Sterilises air and improves air quality. The disinfecting solution can be used in the room diffuser or on its own as a surface disinfectant.


Application:   Fill air diffuser as needed with Dermodacyn Disinfecting Solution.  Sterilises air within 300 sq ft. Typically eliminates most germs and viruses in half hour. Rinse unit and allow to dry when not in use. Use only Dermodacyn Disinfecting Solution in air diffuser unit.

Household Disinfecting Set

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