Acqua Divina Regenerating Water by Dermodacyn®

is a 100% natural skin antiseptic that helps your skin regenerate to give it the energy it requires daily to 
maintain its natural radiance.

Action: Aqua Divina Regenerating Water works like a genuine  “Miracle Water” to eradicate foreign pathogens on your skin, help your skin to regenerate, reduce inflammation and restore its vitality.

Fill up handheld diffuser with Aqua Divina Regenerating Water. Hover diffuser over your face or body as 
needed to deliver the ultra-fine and super soft mist that could be easily absorbed by your skin.  Anytime you need moisture or fresh, healing air throughout the day, slide the diffuser cover down and breathe in deeply.

Results: The skin is sterilized, revitalized and radiantly healthy and ready for subsequent skin care.

Acqua Divina Regenerating Water - 100ml

SKU: AD004



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