Acqua Divina Handheld Diffuser by Dermodacyn®


Using ultrasonic and atomization technology, Acqua Divina handheld diffuser vibrates an amazing 300 million times per second, sending out an ultrafine, super-soft mist in 30-second intervals. It moisturizes your skin and the air you breathe, cleans out foreign pathogens and provides instant healing throughout the day when used with Aqua Divina Regenerating Water by Dermodacyn®.
As the water molecules are turned into ultra-fine water particles, they will not destroy your makeup even if you spray it after making up.

Acqua Divina Handheld Diffuser & Regenerating Water

SKU: AD001
  • Fill the tank inside the diffuser with Aqua Divina Regenerating Water by Dermodacyn®. (Water tank holds approximately 7 ml.) Refill as needed.
    Slide the diffuser cover down to activate and up to turn off. When turned on, diffuser turns off automatically after 30 seconds.

    Instruction for use with air diffuser: 
    Fill up diffuser with Aqua Divina Skin Solution. Hover diffuser over your face or body as needed to deliver the ultra-fine and super soft mist that could be easily absorbed by your skin.  Anytime you need moisture or fresh, healing air throughout the day, slide the diffuser cover down and breathe in deeply.
    Suggested applications: 
    1. Use to relieve skin irritations.
    2. Use to calm down acne.
    3. Use to clean around your eyes when applying false eyelashes.
    4. Use as a general skin antiseptic on minor cuts and burns on your face or body.
    5. Use in clinics, hospital visits, offices, aircraft, trains, theatres, or crowded areas to reduce the risk of contracting infectious diseases.
    6. Use on skin to moisturize and replenish anywhere at anytime.
    7. Inhale mist to relieve URT irritations.
    Protect from sunlight.  Store at room temperature.



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