Shipping, Refund / Cancellation Policy

Shipping Policy


Currently we offer free shipping to physical addresses in Hong Kong and purchase over HK$300(If the amount of order is insufficient, an additional shipping free of HK$25 will be charged).  Items are usually shipped within 3-5 working days after receiving your order and payment by local courier or HK postal service, whichever way we think would be effective.  When placing an order we request that you supply us with a daytime telephone number so that you can be contacted quickly in case of a query with your order.  The delivery address and other details cannot be changed once an order is placed.


Please note that once the item is shipped it would be your responsibility to ensure there is someone at the address to receive it.  You would be charged for delivery fee if the item has to be re-delivered due to this reason.  Please ensure that the address and phone no. is correct.  In case the item is delivered by local courier, the courier company may phone you to confirm the time of delivery.


You will be responsible for any delay or problems in delivery for the following reasons:

1. There is no one to receive the items during the confirmed date and time 

2. The delivery address you provided is incomplete or incorrect

3. The name of the person receiving the goods is not at the delivery address provided

4. The phone no. you provided is incorrect or invalid


If there is any delay in receiving your order and you would like to track it, please telephone our Customer Service number 3727 2988 and we will be delighted to assist you with tracking and resolve any problem with that delivery.  In any case, if you do not receive our order confirmation within 3 days, please contact us immediately.

Refund / Cancellation Policy


Once your order is placed, it cannot be cancelled, exchanged or refunded.  If you find the goods damaged or defective, please take a picture of the product in its packaging when delivered and contact us by phone or email in order for us to arrange for exchange. 


By placing the order, you agree that the decision of any refunds and returns are at our sole discretion.






1. 在確認之送貨日期及時段內,收件人不在送貨地址;

2. 客人提供之送貨地址不正確或有誤;

3. 在提供的送貨地址,並無有關收件人;

4. 客人提供收件人之聯絡電話不正確或無效




如須查詢送貨情况或於訂購3日內未接收到公司的確認,請至電3727 2988。





Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Our Pledge


We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of individuals with respect to personal data. We therefore make sure that our policies and practices in relation to the collection, use, retention, transfer and access of personal data comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) (the “Ordinance”) under the laws of Hong Kong.


Collection of Personally Identifiable Information


When you visit our website(s) and/or mobile application (collectively “website”), we will record your visit only and will not collect any personally identifiable information (i.e. information that is about you and identifies you) from you unless otherwise stated. Cookies used (if any) in any part of our website will not be deployed for collecting personally identifiable information. For your information, Cookies are small computer files that can be stored in web surfers’ computers for the purposes of obtaining configuration information and analyzing web surfers” viewing habits. They can save you from registering again when re-visiting a web site and are commonly used to track your preferences in relation to the subject matter of the website. You may refuse to accept Cookies (by modifying the relevant Internet options or browsing preferences of your computer system), but to do so you may not be able to utilize or activate certain available functions in our websites.


Types of Personally Identifiable Information Collected


At times, you may be asked to provide your personally identifiable information ( “Personal Data” ) including, but not limited to, your name, gender, age, telephone number, home address, email address, credit card information, education level, occupation, household income, interests and favourite activities, etc. in order to enjoy the service we offer. Specific purposes for which your Personal Data may be used are set out in our Privacy Policy statement.




All personal data you provide to us is secured on our website with restricted access by authorized personnel only. Our online registration process uses the SSL protocol link for data transmission so as to protect your data via encrypting it in a secure format to ensure its privacy is maintained.


Direct Marketing


If you have once given us your personally identifiable information, you may receive from us or from our affiliated companies from time to time telephone calls, email and direct mailings containing promotional materials. If you do not want to receive them, please write to our Head of Customer Services.   You may be asked to indicate your preference before signing up for any of our paid services or business transactions.


Third Parties Websites


This website may provide linkage to other websites. Such linkage is for your convenience only. You will leave our website and be connected to another website which is not under our control. Our privacy policy shall not be applicable to other websites. Please review the privacy policy of other websites separately.


Retention of the Information


If you are our subscriber or member, your personally identifiable information which you have given to us via the Internet or otherwise, during the currency of the subscription period or the membership, will be retained for a reasonable period after termination of your subscription or membership. Furthermore, we will retain records of your online transactions for verification purpose and such records shall be retained for a reasonable period of time.


Access to and Correction of Information


If you want to access and / or correct your personally identifiable information which you have given us via internet or other channels, you may write to our Head of Customer Services. We may charge you a reasonable fee for each successful access current from time to time. However, such fee will be waived if the access is necessary to make a genuine and reasonable correction.




Should you have any enquiries concerning our Privacy Policy Statement, please feel free to contact our Customer Services Officer at 3727 2988 or write to us at;


Microderm Technologies Limited

21B Shui Wing Industrial Building

12-22 Tai Yuen Street

Kwai Chung, Hong Kong




Please note that this Statement may be amended from time to time without prior notice. You are advised to check it on a regular basis.


Personal Information Collection Statement ( “PICS” )


As a customer, it may be necessary for you to provide us with your Personal Data when you apply to us and / or continue to subscribe with us for a service and / or product (“Services”). If your Personal Data is incomplete or incorrect, we may not be able to provide or continue to provide the Services to you.


We shall keep your Personal Data confidential at all times. Our policies and practices with respect to the collection, use, retention, disclose, transfer, security and access of Personal Data will be in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong and are as set out in this PICS.


You agree that all the Personal Data provided by you to us may be used and retained by us for the following purposes and for other purposes as may be agreed between you and us or required by law from time to time.


1. providing the Services;

2. marketing of goods and / or service by us, our associated companies or our business partners, in relation to the goods and / or Services;

3. processing of any payment instructions requested by you;

4. carrying out data sorting and analysis to enable us to better understand your characteristics and buying behavior and to provide other services better tailored to your needs, and to assist us in selection of goods and services that are likely to be of interest to you;

5. providing you with regular communications from us with details of the Services and its benefits;

6. the normal management, operation and maintenance of the performance of the Services;

7. designing new, or improving existing, Services provided by us, our affiliates or our business partners to you;

8. investigation of complaints, suspected suspicious transactions and research for service improvement;

9. disclosure as required by law;

10. aggregated behavioral analysis;


In this “PICS”, "Goods and/or Service" shall have the following meaning (instore or online):


“Goods and/or Services” – wound care treatment products, home appliances, home hygiene products, personal care products, children and infant products, memberships and reward programs, and our promotional events.


We may disclose and transfer (whether in Hong Kong or abroad) to our agents or contractors under a duty of confidentiality to us who provide administrative, data processing, research and marketing, distribution, telecommunications, professional or other similar services to us and to any of our actual or proposed assignees or transferees of our rights with respect to you in connection with a merger, sale or transfer (whether of assets or shares), to use, hold, process or retain such personal data.


If you do not wish to receive marketing information from us with respect to good / or services not related to or in connection with the Services, or for us to disclose, transfer or use your personal data for the purpose as set out in this statement, please contact our customer service officer quoting your name and any reference number(s). Under and in accordance with the laws in Hong Kong, you have the right to:


1. check whether we hold any of your Personal Data.

2. access your Personal Data held by us;

3. require us to correct any Personal Data which is inaccurate;

4. ascertain our policies and practices (from time to time) in relation to Personal Data and the types of Personal Data held by us.

5. opt out from receiving direct marketing materials from us at any time.


In accordance with the Ordinance, we have the right to charge you a reasonable fee for the processing of any Personal Data access request. Any requests in relation to the above shall be in writing (sent by post, fax or email) and addressed to:


Microderm Technologies Limited

21B Shui Wing Industrial Building

12-22 Tai Yuen Street

Kwai Chung, Hong Kong












在瀏覽本網站及應用程式﹝ “本網站” ﹞之時,除非另有說明,否則本公司祗會記下閣下曾經到訪,而不會收集任何可辨識個人身份的資料﹝即關於閣下身份的資料﹞ 。本網站任何部分所使用的Cookies﹝如有﹞,並非用於收集可辨識個人身份的資料。Cookies是細小的電腦檔案,可儲存於上網人士的電腦內,用於獲取配置資料以及分析上網人士的瀏覽習慣。Cookies可免除閣下每次瀏覽網站時重新登記的麻煩,並通常用於追蹤閣下喜歡選擇的網頁主題。閣下如不希望接受Cookies,可以修改有關互聯網選項或閣下電腦系統的瀏覽選項,但閣下可能因此無法使用或啟動本網站的若干功能。




為使閣下可享用本公司的服務,閣下或不時被要求提供可辨識閣下個人身份的資料 ﹝“個人資料”﹞,包括但不限於閣下的姓名、性別、年齡、電話號碼、住址、電郵地址、信用卡資料、教育程度、職業、家庭收入、興趣及喜好活動等。有關閣下個人資料的用途,詳見本公司有關的私隱政策。
























如欲提出任何上述要求,請致函下列地址或致電顧客服務主任3727 2988 :









收集個人資料聲明 ( “本聲明” )






閣下同意,閣下向本公司提供的有關個人資料可由本公司使用及保存,以配合以下用途和閣下與本公司可能同意或法律不時要求的其他用途 :


1. 提供有關服務;

2. 本公司、聯營機構或其相關商業伙伴用於推廣與有關服務相關的商品及/或服務;

3. 處理閣下要求的任何付款指示;

4. 進行數據排序及分析,使我們能理解你的特點及購買行為,向你提供更符合你需要的其它服務、協助我們挑選你可能感興趣的零售產品或服務;

5. 通過向你提供定期訊息,包括有關服務及優惠的詳情;

6. 以提供有關服務的正常管理、運作及保養;

7. 設計我們、我們的聯營公司或其相關業務伙伴供你使用而提供新的有關服務,或改善現有的有關服務;

8. 調查投訴、備受懷疑的可疑交易及研究服務改善措施;

9. 根據法例作出披露;

10. 綜合性行為分析。










倘閣下不希望收取本公司、本公司聯營機構及/或其相關商業伙伴提供之推廣資訊,或不希望本公司為本段所述目的而披露、轉移或使用閣下的個人資料,請與本公司顧客服務主任聯絡。 根據香港法例,閣下有權 :


1. 查核本公司是否持有閣下任何個人資料;

2. 查核本公司持有的閣下個人資料;

3. 要求本公司更正任何不正確的個人資料;

4. 確定本公司就個人資料﹝不時﹞採取的政策及常規,以及本公司持有的個人資料之類別;

5. 隨時要求不再收到我們發來的直接宣傳資料。


根據有關條例,本公司有權對查閱個人資料的要求收取合理的處理費用。如欲提出任何上述要求,請致函下列地址 或 致傳真至3175 3302:







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