Formulation characteristics 

Main ingredients are water and hypochlorous acid (HOCl).  At 95% water, it creates a moist wound environment and HOCl, the active ingredient in Dermodacyn, is naturally produced in the human body to combat infections and is a chemical signal for the body to promote wound healing.

It is non-cytotoxic, which means it kills only the germs, not you.

100% natural, PH balanced and as gentle as water. 

Safe around eyes, ears and mouth.  Safe when inhaled.  Safe for all ages.


Application is simple.  Simply spray on affected area at least 3 times a day.


Helps promote healing of skin abrasions, cuts, burns and ulcers.  Helps reduce itch, scarring, inflammation and skin infection.  Eliminates 99.99% harmful viruses, bacteria and fungal organisms within 30 seconds.


Kills a spectrum of antimicrobials and resistant strains such as H7N9, N5N1, MRSA, Straph and Strep, S. Aures and E. Coli.


Formulation is consistent in every bottle. Guaranteed.


Shelf life two years or more within the bottle. 

This stability is achieved through the patented Microcyn® manufacturing process.  Standard electrochemical processes used in other HOCl products cannot come close of matching this stability.

Environmentally safe

No adverse affect to the environment.

Formulation significance

The patented and proprietary manufacturing process of the original Microcyn® Technology guarantees that each and every batch of Microcyn® hypochlorous acid is consistently safe and stable, always within our strict manufacturing specifications. Not all HOCl solutions can make this claim. In fact, some HOCl irrigants can actually inhibit wound healing and harm mammalian cells due to their cytotoxicity and inability to maintain control over free available chlorine (FAC) levels.

Because of poor stability, competitive hypochlorous acid products are generated at very high concentrations of HOCl to assure product preservation over their shelf lives. The concentration of HOCl in these products, therefore, varies significantly depending on product age. The initial elevated level of HOCl in some brands is necessary to assure that some free available chlorine is available at the end of that product’s shelf life. It is also indicative of a product that likely has cytotoxic tendencies towards human cells.

Through the unique and patented Microcyn® Technology, Dermodacyn ensures that every bottle of HOCl is consistently safe and stable. 

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