Eastern Carolina foot & ankle specialist, Dr. Christopher J Gauland, strongly recommends the unique and patented Microcyn® Technology used in our Dermodacyn medical grade series of wound healing products. In the USA, Dr. Gauland has helped thousands of diabetic foot patients with Microcyn®.  Some even avoided amputation as a result of the extraordinary wound healing qualities of this revolutionary technology.

In January 2016, Dr. Christopher J Gauland was invited to attend a medical symposium in Hong Kong hosted by the inventors of Microcyn®, Sonoma Pharmaceuticals (Formerly Oculus Innovative Sciences) at Conrad Hong Kong.  During the two evenings, Dr. Gauland shared his expertise on wound healing and cases of patients with diabetic foot whose conditions were greatly improved with the help of Microcyn®.

Since 1999, Microcyn® has helped over 5 million people all over the world. 



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